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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

January Month-end Progress Report

Since I did not form my 2010 resolutions until the end of January, most of them did not officially start until this month; a few did and here is my progress report:

Get rid of the storage space by March 15 – Pending
I’m waiting for the weather to get just a touch warmer and not be wet/snowy/icy anymore.

Work out 3 days a week – FAIL
Umm, yeah, this didn’t happen. It’s not like I didn’t make it all 3 times, but more that I didn’t go at all. This month will be better.

Get up when my alarm goes off – FAIL
I have a REALLY hard time getting up in the mornings and have lately been oversleeping quite a bit. This morning I did do much better as I only let me alarm go off for 25 minutes instead of 45. You’ve got to start somewhere right?

Don’t sleep in after 10 a.m. both days of the weekend – PASS
The last 2 weekends I have gotten up by 8:30 or 9 a.m. one day of the weekend.

Encourage my husband to socialize more – PASS
It wasn’t directly of my doing but he did go to lunch with a former co-worker today; a couple of weeks ago I told him they should get together and he followed through.

Have a 1 month buffer – Pending
This is not something that is going to happen immediately. Although, I filed our taxes last week and according to the IRS we should be receiving our return by Feb. 9. My husband has some back taxes due but when he called a couple of weeks ago they flagged the account as the money should have been taken out of last year’s return but there was an oversight and it wasn’t. I am praying that we actually get it by the 9th.

Pay off all credit cards by June 1 – FAIL
I’m saying fail because although this is still 4 months away (wow it’s really not that far off) 2 things happened in the past week: 1) The monthly charge on one card put us over the limit and 2) I had to use my credit card last night for dinner because I had left my debit card at home.

Track spending in YNAB weekly – N/A
YNAB does monthly budgeting and while I could have spent time sorting through all of January’s transactions with only 1 week left in the month, I chose not to. This week I will be setting up February’s budget, so check back next week for this one.

Learn something new – FAIL
Nothing yet…

Make/create a compost bin and garden – ¼ PASS
I haven’t yet made or bought a formal compost bin yet but I do have a container in the garage that is holding the compost-able stuff until I do. I won’t be able to start on the garden until March.

Do a monthly house project – N/A
Again, with only 1 week left in January there really wasn’t much I could do with that little notice and the limited funds.

February’s Goals:
Work out
Get up
Don’t sleep in
Encourage socialization
Put $3,000 towards buffer
Pay down credit cards by at least $100 per card
Track spending
Make or buy a compost bin
Paint the a bathroom
Have 10 no-spend days
Create jars (see tomorrow's post)
Open children's savings accounts
Pay 2 medical bills
Make payment plans for 2 large medical bills ($200 or more)
Bring lunch 10 days

Next week is my week to do a financial update. Stay tuned…

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