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Monday, February 22, 2010

Once A Month Mom Cook-off

I'm so excited for the February Once A Month Mom Cook-off! I have finally found a friend to do it with me. The way it is set up is for 2 people (representing their respective household) to spend 1 whole day, 8-12 hours, cooking. We're going to be at my house, as my kitchen is just a little bigger and adjacent to a large dining table that we can spread stuff out on as well. The downside is between the 2 of us there are 5 kids, ages 2-5. My husband would normally be home but this weekend he will likely have to work. I'm not sure how we're going to handle it but I'm determined to make this happen; we'll figure something out, surely.

I'll do the shopping this week. I'm going to go home tonight and figure out what I already have in my pantry so that I don't buy extra. I have a pretty well-stocked spice cabinet so I should have all of those with the exception to 1 or 2.

Since I am Celiac (don't know if I've mentioned this before) we will substitute some things but not all. There are nights that I am not home and other nights I just don't eat. Therefore, I don't see that the few meals that do have gluten products will be that big of a deal. If I am home those night and do eat dinner (sometimes I'm just not up for it or have eaten a really late lunch/snack) I have plenty of veggies to make for myself, which I am used to doing now anyway (on mac and cheese or sandwich nights).

I'll take some pictures of our fun (a.k.a. "the mess") and report on it next week.

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