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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sort-of Mid-month Check-up

So how am I doing on February's goals?

  1. Work out - Still haven't worked out even one day.
  2. Get up - I am getting up, just not when I should be.
  3. Don’t sleep in - This is going well for the weekends! Neither day this past weekend did I sleep in late.
  4. Encourage socialization - Husband went out with his best friend last week and then we had him over for dinner this week.
  5. Put $3,000 towards buffer - Well, there's $3k in the savings but not towards the buffer. This isn't going to happen this month, but we're working on it. In my book, that's better than where we were.
  6. Pay down credit cards by at least $100 per card - Not all 4 credit cards got $100 paid on them BUT 1 got completely paid off and one other did get paid down by $125. I'll take the completely paid off one ($714) any day!
  7. Track spending - This is going well. 
  8. Make or buy a compost bin - Done. We found one at Sam's for only $50! 
  9. Paint the a bathroom - We've overspent this month so this project is not going to happen. 
  10. Have 10 no-spend days - There are only 10 days left in the month and there is no way that all of them are going to be no-spend days. So, this is a fail.
  11. Create jars - I never posted the pictures of these and I actually didn't finish all of them. We are sort of using the concept, but not the actual jars yet; that would require being able to see the top of the dresser where they are sitting.
  12. Open children's savings accounts - Again, we've overspent this month but I may go ahead and open them with like $10 each or something.
  13. Pay 2 medical bills - We've paid one but it was only for $9 -- Does that count?
  14. Make payment plans for 2 large medical bills ($200 or more) - We paid off the credit card in lieu of paying 2 large medical bills. 
  15. Bring lunch 10 days - I haven't brought lunch one day this month yet. I will be next week because we've hit the budget for grocery shopping and are over budget for eating out. I should have at least 5 days (6 if I do it tomorrow). 

As for the 2010 resolutions and the 5-year goals?

  • The storage space is almost cleaned out. One more trip and it will be done.
  • Even though I can't paint the bathroom this month we did do a heaving cleaning-out of the kids' toys and I do consider this a "house" project as it resulted in major reorganization of my daughters' closet.
  • The rest of the 2010 resolutions are in good shape. 
  • We're doing good on getting rid of the debt. We only have so much income and there's just not that much left to paid extra to but we're doing as much as we can. 
  • The piano pieces are the only other thing that I have actively started working on and I dropped the ball the past couple of weeks. I haven't touched the piano in at least 2 weeks. Shame on me. 
How are your goals and/or resolutions coming along?

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